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Copy of Case Study: Saving 84% on video production cost - DE

United Plankton is founded in 2015 and providing service to 500+ brands around the world. Our clients add our service to their processes and we work hard to hear nothing but praise to our speed and quality.

Amongst all the partnerships, the one we have with Turkcell is slightly ahead of other brands considering the scale, the way they get the best our of our technology, and how it created a huge impact in their business.

Considering the tough times the world is getting through, you may also find it interesting how Turkcell managed to achieve more with fewer resources.

Watch the case video below:

Want to learn how Turkcell & United Plankton did it?

Register to the 30-minute webinar to learn the details of how Turkcell saved 84% of its video production cost using United Plankton.

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